About me

I can remember when pictures where taken on film. That’s how I started, with a Nikon FM10 back in 1996.

Then I switched to digital, like everybody else. But I kept an eye for the drama. One could look at me taking a picture and think “Come on man put down the camera, it’s just a straight road”. However, when you looked at that image, you could see what I see: a transpiring, metaphysical space. Something like the wall that divides us from The Matrix, if something like that exists. The fact is, if you think it is real, even for a moment, I bet you feel a lump in your throat.

Now, what you might want to know is where I was born, what I did with my life and how I got here. This is of course the most interesting part of the story but unfortunately it can not entirely be told here. But I can give you the first lines of it, whatever they mean: I enjoy being lost in creation.