The barricades of Kiev, although originally conceived as urban guerrilla structures, were almost immediately turned into a tourist attraction for those not scared off by the media’s dramatised coverage. The photographs in this exhibition show what it was like to walk from Khreshchatyk to Maidan Square, the main theatre of the Euromaidan demonstrations. The protest lasted from late November 2013 until February 2014. I went to Ukraine’s capital as soon as the clashes, which caused a precarious political situation as well as regional instability, came to an end. I found a battleground in the heart of the city, recently abandoned. Scattered on the ground, amongst the flowers, were the helmets of the fallen, shell casings and catapults clearly showing what had happened two weeks before.

Born to kill

That was all that was left, along with trenches made of old tyres and walls of paving bricks. Working in the world of images I felt fascinated by what I saw and, at the same time, compelled to report it. I have selected photos that are not only aesthetically pleasing but which also tell this story most effectively. The exhibition is not only a reportage of a war zone, it is also a vision of the wounds in the hearts of those people who took part in the revolution.



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